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At Kyna, we partner with UAE's top developers, offering homes from budget-friendly to luxury estates. Our commission-free offers and zero-interest plans offer unbeatable value, and to make your transition even smoother, we offer visa incentives. With 70% of our transactions being international, you can have full confidence in our expertise to help you secure your dream home in the UAE with ease. Come experience the Kyna difference.

Advantages of Partnering with Kyna

30+ Experts: Personal Touch in Deals

Kyna has 30+ multilingual consultants and over 200 happy global investors with whom it offers a personalized service to each foreign investor.

Hassle-Free Investments

Hiccups, travel issues, legals or whatever hindrances? We've got it covered. All you do is concentrate on your investment.

97% Fewer Clicks, Top Dubai Picks

Bypass the tedious searching across many websites. We pick the best 5% of real estate in Dubai for you by hand.

Up-to-Date Market Insights

Take advantage of our database that performs analysis on more than 150 properties per day. Be trendy when making your choices.

Trust & Safety Guaranteed

Explore Dubai’s real estate market with confidence, safeguard yourself from possible fraud.

70% Remote, 100% Reliable

We are experienced in making remote property purchase stress free up to 70% of our clients purchasing elsewhere.

Luxury Services, Affordable

80 percent of our clients consider our services as luxurious yet affordable. Jump into it, afraid of nothing of hidden fee.

$205K Investment = Residency Visa

A 3-year residential Dubai visa for you and the whole family when you buy a real estate of $250,000 and above.

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